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Elizabeth Warren Is For People Like Me

A college student from Swampscott urges voters to support Elizabeth Warren for US Senate.

Elizabeth Warren Is For People Like Me Elizabeth Warren Is For People Like Me Elizabeth Warren Is For People Like Me

Letter to the Editor

Swampscott Patch

July 3, 2012 

I’m a student, a woman, a daughter, a neighbor, a public high school graduate, a granddaughter, an unpaid intern.  Elizabeth Warren, the Democrat running for Senate, is dedicated, ambitious, strong, and inspiring.  If elected, she will fight for me, you, Swampscott, and Massachusetts.

I’m a student about to enter my junior year of college. Elizabeth has stressed the extreme importance of education.  A public school and college graduate turned Harvard professor understands why great teachers and a great education are an important right, not privilege, which everyone should have access to.

I am protective of my rights as a young woman.  While her opponent has cosponsored a bill that would deny birth control to thousands of women, Elizabeth Warren has taken a strong stance for protecting fundamental female rights.

Elizabeth has spent most of her life working against Wall Street greed, trying to protect the rights of ordinary Americans, like you and me, who can’t pay lobbyists to represent them in Washington.

I know there are many people out there who are just like me: students worried about paying off their college loans, women worried about losing their rights as women, neighbors worried the toddler next door will still be paying for mistakes made when I was in high school when they are grown up.

I’m supporting Elizabeth this November because she’ll do everything in her power as senator to support me.

Katie Genoversa-Wong

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