Jul 26, 2014
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G Chef Claims Throwdown Pan With Eye-Popping Dishes

The owner and chef of the Humphrey Street restaurant won Sunday's Chef Throwdown, which brought in lots of visitors to the Farmers Market.


A cheer rose from the crowd mobbing tents Sunday at the  Swampscott Farmers Market Chef Throwdown.

Judges selected and Suki Ellsworth announced G Bar & Kitchen’s Gregg Brackmann the winner.

Gregg grabbed the handle of his sauce-pan trophy and hoisted it aloft.

The competitors had to select ingredients from market stalls, prepare meals, arrange plates and serve them in the Swampscott High parking lot.

They had an hour to prepare the fish and fowl dishes. 

Judges put their creations to the test, tasting each selection. 

Onlookers licked their chops, eyeing plates garnished brightly with edible flowers and smelling the lobster, steak, squash and zucchini creations.

Many onlookers got to indulge, too, since the chefs cooked more than enough for the throwdown.

Here are the dishes that Gregg served at the market:

1.Spicy Grilled Flank steak, basil- butter poached lobster, sauteed Rainbow chard, acorn squash-corn hash, baby heirloom tomato melange.

2. Pan seared salt & pepper salmon, butternut-zucchini pancake, red and purple pepper puree, edible flowers.

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