Jul 29, 2014

Greenfield Criticizes Turf Field Foes

The selectman singled out David Van Dam and Dr. Lawrence Block for comments at Town Meeting that 'rubbed me wrong.'

Greenfield Criticizes Turf Field Foes Greenfield Criticizes Turf Field Foes


Selectman Barry Greenfield criticized a fellow selectman, a member of the Board of Health and a local attorney Wednesday night for their comments at the recent Town Meeting.

Saying several things "rubbed me the wrong way," Greenfield told his fellow Selectmen that Dr. Lawrence Block, a member of the Board of Health, was outside his area of expertise as health board member when he criticized the financing of the proposed new artificial turf field. 

Greenfield, a strong supporter of the new artificial turf field, criticized Board of Selectmen Vice Chairman David Van Dam for calling Paul Gorman "a fundraiser" during his speech opposing the field. Gorman headed the private fundraising committee for the field.

"As selectmen, we have a responsibility to rise above the fray," Greenfield said.

The proposed $2.6 million artificial turf field, new stands and other improvements at Blocksidge Field failed by about 30 votes to win a two-thirds majority at Town Meeting.

Greenfield also criticized local attorney Bill DiMento for his comments that the Board of Selectmen do not have a plan to solve the town's flooding and infrastructure problems.

"Some people like DiMento have been around town for 10 or 20 years. I assume there was flooding then, but they did nothing. I don't think it is fair to put it on this board and not take responsibility for what they didn't do in all those years," Greenfield said. 

Chairman Rick Malagrifa interrupted Greenfield during his criticism of Van Dam and suggested he discuss the issue with his colleague privately.

During the meeting, Malagrifa tried to placate the upset selectmen by saying, "We are a board of five. As a board of five, the board's decisions are more powerful than we are as individuals. We do need each other. We can make a difference."

Van Dam declined to comment on Greenfield's comments during the meeting, but outside of Town Hall after the meeting the two men talked. Van Dam was overheard to say, "I am moving on to other issues."

Greenfield declined further comment after the meeting, except to say, "I got it off my chest."

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