23 Aug 2014
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Seeking Senior and Junior Carpenters

Seeking Senior and Junior Carpenters. If you are or know of anyone who might qualify, send them our way!


We mostly do remodeling work is in Marblehead and Swampscott, everything from additions to smaller jobs

Senior Carpenter expectations: 

-Accurate, fast and efficient

-Responsible and mature

-You need to be able to manage a Junior carpenter that will be working with you

-Manage the worksite

-Own tools

-Be open to suggestions

Junior carpenter expectations:

-Carpentry is your career (this is not a summer job position)

-You need to know how to handle power tools

-You need to know the basics in carpentry

-You need to be able to do demolition

-You need to be able to work for yourself

-You need to be professional

Send an email to Jon (hancke@comcast.net) with 5 points of why you qualify for the job and your previous 5 years earning history (Paid by the hour). 

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