The Board of Selectmen last week agreed to appoint the law firm of Kopelman & Paige as the town's legal counsel for another year.

It approved a new retainer proposal of $5,000 a month, which Town Administrator Tom Younger said would cut down on legal fees the town pays and increase the access town officials have to legal counsel.

The firm, which billed itself as the premier Massachusetts municipal law firm with more than 50 experts, proposed the retainer fee as a way of forstalling plans by the town to hire its own in-house attorney. 

The town in the past has averaged spending about $100,000 a year on legal fees. The retainer would have the firm handle many routine legal issues at no additional cost, but allow it to bill for extraordinary ones like litigation.

The Selectmen approved a monthly bill for the firm of $6,630, of which Younger said the retainer would have covered about $2,700 had it been in place.


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