Jul 29, 2014

ZBA Postpones Consideration of Greenwood Avenue Project

Opposing neighbors have to wait until October to voice concerns about new residential project on site of old middle school.

ZBA Postpones Consideration of Greenwood Avenue Project ZBA Postpones Consideration of Greenwood Avenue Project


The  will consider two controversial issues on Oct. 17 — the proposed residential project on Greenwood Avenue and the condominiums proposed for the Foster's Pond area.

The ZBA postponed consideration of the Greenwood Avenue project on the site of the old middle school Wednesday night because the Planning Board has not yet approved the site plan for the project. The project may change as result of the Planning Board's deliberation, so the ZBA has to wait.

ZBA Chairman Marc Kornitsky moved the public hearing on the Greenwood Avenue project to the October meeting. Then later in the meeting he announced that the 55-and-old condo project by developer Ralph DiGiorgio of DiGiorgio & Messina would also be scheduled for consideration the same night.

"That will be a long night," Kornitsky said.

Ken Shutzer, an attorney for some of the opposing neighbors to the Greenwood Avenue project, reminded Kornitsky that he promised to allow ample time for the opponents to voice their concerns.

"There are likely to be a lot of people who want to speak," he said.

Some of the neighbors came to the ZBA meeting Wednesday night, expecting the proposed 41-unit Greenwood Avenue project to be on the agenda. Most left when they learned the matter was postponed.

The Archer Street project, which is near Vaughan Place, proposes to build 16 condos for people 55 and older on a 4.87-acre parcel of undeveloped land.

Neighbors have expressed several concerns, including a fear that the building will exacerbate flooding problems for their homes.

Shutzer, who represents the developer of the Archer Street project, said the engineers for the town and the neighbors met Wednesday to begin designing a drainage plan for condo project. He said he hopes that an agreed-to plan can be reached in time for the October meeting.

The condos are slated to sell for between $479,000 and $549,000.

Editor's note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly said lawyer Kenneth Shutzer represents neighbors opposed to the Archer Street project. He represents the developer.

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