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21 Weird Foods You'll Serve in 2014

Honey, your emu eggs are ready!

Your dinner plate is going global in 2014.

While donuts are still high on our radar and increasingly used as sandwich bread, ethnic flavors and the farm-to-table movement are building momentum in everyday food experiences.

The  National Restaurant Association revealed the new flavors and trends we'll be experiencing in 2014, and if you think you'll have to look beyond your own kitchen to try something new, think again. Some foods are holdovers from years past, others are climbing their way to the top of the hot list. You'll be surprised by how easy it is to add these different items to your family's mealtime. With a little experimentation, you can perfect your forbidden rice recipe or fufu dish.

Here are the 21 Weird Foods You'll Serve in 2014:

Black garlic: It has a sweet and smoky flavor with a texture similar to roasted garlic. This fermented version of traditional garlic makes a great addition to sauces and meats. 

Emu eggs: They can be prepared just like chicken eggs, but they're bigger so you'll have to adjust your recipes. About the size of a small grapefruit, your best bet it to cook up these eggs for breakfast and not try to substitute them in your baking recipes. 

Labneh Cheese: All you need to make Middle Eastern Labneh Cheese is full-fat yogurt and spices. Follow  these directions for a traditional cheese that works well on breads or as a topping for vegetables. 

Gooseneck Berries:
 Think of gooseneck barnacles, or percebes, as a new kind of octopus that's common in Spain. Boil them and serve with olive oil and wine. 

It sounds precious, but this African staple is a hearty dough ball that's eaten with dipping sauce or prepared with broth. Add it to your menu as a new comfort food for cold days. 

Liquid Nitrogen: Liquid-nitrogen-made foods, like these Thai snacks, are a big trend for 2014. Working with liquid nitrogen in food preparation is still controversial -- best to leave this one to the pros.

Raita: A little sauce on the side makes everything better and Indian raita is one example of how a yogurt-based sauce can change your life. Add  grated cucumber and spices to Greek yogurt and your grilled chicken will never be the same. 
Broccolfower: It's a hybrid of broccoli and cauliflower that tastes a bit lighter and sweeter than either of those. It can be prepared any way you would prepare broccoli and cauliflower. 

Forbidden Rice: The name sounds exotic and the rich indigo color doesn't look like your average rice grain, but forbidden rice is easily substituted into your favorite recipes. The dark color will also add some visual depth to your meals.

Lovage: Considered one of the more versatile herbs, lovage has a celery-like flavor that can enhance soups, pizzas or any number of dishes.

Rutabega: It's your new potato. Mash it, turn it into soup or roast it for dinner. 

Plumcot: Half plum,  half apricot hybrids -- add them to your fruit bowl. 

Amaranth: Quinoa may still be queen of the grains, but amaranth is coming on strong for the gluten-free crowd. Sweeten it for breakfast or add it to soups.  

Shakshuka: Change up breakfasts with shakshuka -- poached eggs with roasted tomato sauce and peppers. 

Duck fat: Yes, it's fat, and fat makes anything taste better. Use it to  fry potatoes and never look back. 

Donut Sandwiches: We just can't get enough of donuts, and this donut breakfast sandwich is just one example of how we like to indulge in the sweet, deep fried treats. Try classic glazed versions with ham or bacon -- modern day perfection. 

Ginger Panna Cotta: Danish food is hot in 2014 and this ginger panna cotta is one way you can enjoy a classic Scandinavian dessert. 

Branzino: It is a European sea bass usually enjoyed with lemon on the grill. Try it during the  summer months for a light and flaky dish. 

Chocolate Bacon Torte: It's hard to resist adding bacon to your favorite recipes and this Chocolate Torte is no exception. The sweet and savory pairing dusted with powdered sugar could even pass for a breakfast.

Kabobs: Kids love to eat meat on sticks, and ground beef kabobs are a great way to get protein into their diet. One flavor trick is to grate the onions before you add them. Also consider adding bulgar to the mix for Middle Eastern flavoring. 

Umami Burger: Umami is it's own flavor category -- like salty and sweet, but different. Steaks, cheese, fish and even some vegetables have umami flavor. The easiest way to  add umami to your meals? Sprinkle parmesan cheese on top of pasta. 

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