23 Aug 2014
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Will Tewksbury Water Rates Triple In Coming Years?

New report indicates the price tag to fix the country's crumbling water infrastructure could top $1trillion.

Will Tewksbury Water Rates Triple In Coming Years?

When the Board of Selectmen meets tonight one of the topics in the report from Town Manager Richard Montuori will be the water and sewer enterprise funds and the accompanying rates for Fiscal Year 2013.

Montuori has stated candidly that residents can expect rate increases for the upcoming year. But if a new report from the American Water Works Association (attached PDF) is to be believed, things will get significantly worse over the next 25 years.

According to the report, the water infrastructure in some sections of the country is in desperate need of updating and the price tag could top $1 trillion. Communities that delay repairs will face greater costs. A story in the Washington Examiner, citing the AWWA report, said the water infrastructure repair costs could rise from $13 billion per year in 2013 to roughly by 2040.

According to the AWWA, the bill for these repairs will most likely be paid by residents in the form of water bills that could triple.

Montuori and DPW Superintendent Brian Gilbert have spoken repeatedly about the need to update water lines in most sections of Tewksbury. On several occasions, Gilbert has blamed water line ruptures on outdated piping.

Tonight's meeting is scheduled to begin at 7  p.m. at Town Hall.

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