Jul 28, 2014
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You Know You're From Tewksbury When ...

Readers share their on what makes Tewksbury, Tewksbury.

You Know You're From Tewksbury When ...

A couple of days ago, we asked followers of Tewksbury Patch's Facebook page to finish the following sentence:

"You know you're from Tewksbury when ..."

Readers had some terrific answers, from both the past and the present.

Here is a sampling of the responses we got.

Patty Flynn you remember Trainors' Restaurant....

Danielle Majahad when u want ice cream in the middle of winter and go down to Macs and its still open

Katie Hadden you watched the planes take off and land while eating your Happy Meal at the outside tables at McDonald's.

KimNwayne Carroll Your neighbors own buffalo

Justin Robert Messina When there is a traffic jam that starts at the Wynn on route 38 at around 5:00 Monday-Thursday during the school year, CCD just got out.

Heather Mulvey You remember eating at Brandin Iron restaurant across from the other mini golf course. You went to school in the original Shawsheen School in the Old White Building in front of the now Trahan School. Labor Day Telethons at Oakdale Mall. Shopped back to school clothes at Tots and Teens in Oakdale Mall. Ate at original Oakdale Restaurant. Had pics developed at foto mat in mall parking lot. Remember getting ice cream from the little building across from Donna's Donuts. When Donnas was Lil Peach and Arcade arear was golf course. Dancing at Donna Micelis at the end of Hill St and Main.

Susan Murphy Bishop You know what the smell is on a hot day on 93 near Dascomb Rd

Joanne Kenney You still call the establishment at the corner of 38 and Colonial Drive the Hula Lau.

Michele Piccolo Chase You remember Artie the bus driver.

Cathy Peirce You still call the Wynn middle school the Junior high.

Patty Flynn you remember the "Cresendos"

Diane Nocco You spent all your money at the Grand Prix while trying to find a gf/bf ... you can say that you miss Linda and Madeline from the diner where you got to watch the planes take off while eating an ice cream.

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