20 Aug 2014
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Letter: Why I'm Voting for Obama

A Wakefield resident outlines why he's voting for Obama in 2012, and why you should too.

Letter: Why I'm Voting for Obama

Promises made, promises kept! The reasons I will vote for President Obama in the March 6 Democratic Presidential Primary election are many. I ask, are you better off than you were 4 years ago? I know I am.

1. Obama passed the Affordable Healthcare Act. As a cancer survivor, I can no longer be denied healthcare because of a pre-existing condition, women's healthcare is guaranteed, and kids can stay on their parents' insurance until they're 26.

2. Obama helped add over 3 million new jobs in the private business sector, unemployment is dropping, and the stock market recently topped 13k.       America is coming back stronger than ever.

3.  Obama fights for middle class, Main Street Americans to keep their homes .  Just this week I was able to re-finance my mortgage from 5.875 % down to 3.50%, saving $500/month in payments. 

4.  Obama ender the Iraq War, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, and restored American honor, prestige and respect around the world.  

In short, bin Laden is dead, GM is alive! Well done, Mr. President! Thank you on behalf of a grateful nation. You have earned four more years.

My fellow Wakefieldians, and voters of the Fifth Senate District, do the right thing on Tuesday and vote to keep America moving forward. Vote for President Obama.  

Fred Rich LaRiccia  
Obama/Biden 2012 Campaign Wakefield Volunteer  

P.S.  And a special request to our many unenrolled, independent friends.  If you choose to take a Democratic ballot, would you also consider voting for our two outstanding State Committeemen? Joe Lawless (D-Malden) the Chair of the Malden Democratic City Committee and our own inspirational Betsy Sheeran (D-Wakefield), Chair of the Wakefield Democratic Town Committee and member of our Board of Selectmen.  Over the years both have given thousands of selfless volunteer hours building a stronger, progressive Democratic Party.  Thank you for your kind consideration.

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