21 Aug 2014
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Patch Instagram photo by patch
Patch Instagram photo by jacqueline_flo

Already seeing the impact of Patch's restructuring and not liking it one bit.

The sole reason I come to Patch at all is for local news. I thought I had found a Waltham-specific site and was excited to see people tuning in and being involved in my new community... and just when it seemed like things were ramping up, now all I'm seeing is "Trending in America" (really?), some random's take on a movie any schmuck can see, and the utterly impersonal and unoriginal "Superbowl snacks!!!" Maybe 3-4 articles that are at all relevant to Waltham on the front page.

If I want to see national or statewide news, I will go to an actual news site. If things continue in this direction it will be a huge disappointment. Hopefully the local posters and bloggers can keep things relevant and lively.

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