Jul 29, 2014
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Bikes Lanes Coming To Two Major Waltham Roads

The Traffic Commission recently approved installation of several new bikes lanes in Waltham.

Bikes Lanes Coming To Two Major Waltham Roads

Bikes lanes are coming to two major Waltham roads. 

The Traffic Commission, at its Dec. 19 meeting, approved bike lanes and signs for Totten Pond Road and Winter Street. It also approved shared lanes (different from dedicated bike lanes) for South Street and Beaver Street along with appropriate signs. The Commission also approved shared lanes for South and Beaver Street with accompanying signs.

The Commission, however, rejected proposals for bike lanes on Moody Street, Main Street and Bacon Street, according to the meeting’s minutes.

Traffic Commission Chairman Frank Lombardo told Waltham Patch that none of the new lanes would be installed until sometime in the spring.

The decision comes after several Waltham residents recently proposed bike lanes for the major roads. They cited wanting a smaller carbon footprint and increased cyclist safety as reasons for the proposals.

In denying the Moody Street proposal, the Commission said the road was not wide enough to accommodate bicycle lanes, according to the meeting minutes. It also said Main Street should undergo a comprehensive study before considering bicycle lanes.

With the South Street and Beaver Street proposals, the Commission noted both were not wide enough to accommodate separate bike lanes, according to the minutes. Bacon Street is also not wide enough for a bike lane and does not have enough car traffic to justify a separate lane, the Commission noted in its minutes.

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