Jul 25, 2014

Brandeis Professor Fired After DUI Arrest

Professor hired despite criminal background.

Brandeis Professor Fired After DUI Arrest

A Brandeis University professor was fired recently after being busted for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Pippin Ross, who had been a journalism professor, was fired in late February after campus police found intoxicated and non-responsive in her vehicle on campus on Feb. 27, according to The Justice, the student run newspaper. Campus police put her in protective custody and transported Ross to the Waltham Police Department. Pippin was fired from the university on Feb. 28.

Also on Feb. 28, Barnstable Police charged her with driving under the influence of alcohol and driving after revocation of license, according to the paper. She has been previously convicted of OUI four times, according to the paper.

Pippin, however, claims his wife suffers from a neurological disorder that has yet to be diagnosed, according to the Justice. He told the paper that Pippin is currently in a Nantucket hospital receiving treatment.

Ross’s Background

Ross was hired after two phone interviews, despite her criminal record being publicly available, including on her own blog, according to the Justice.

Ross was hired under the official process, which does not require background checks. Also, she was hired as an “emergency hire” to replace a faculty member who had an emergency.

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