Jul 26, 2014

Foreclosures Sting Waltham Housing Market

Foreclosures increased in Waltham last month.

Foreclosures Sting Waltham Housing Market

Unfortunately, foreclosures are increasing in Waltham.

Foreclosure requests in Waltham were up 200 percent over last month, with a jump from 3 to 9. That’s a much larger increase than the 54.7 percent jumps statewide.

The figures come from a newly released report from the Warren Group.

To date, Waltham has had 18 foreclosure requests, a 100 percent increase from the same time last year. 

"Banks are stepping up foreclosures all over the country, and Massachusetts is no exception," Warren Group CEO Timothy M. Warren Jr. said in a press statement. "Since the suit by state attorneys general over foreclosure abuses has been settled, a cloud has lifted and we may see numbers continue to rise."

There were no foreclosure auctions in Waltham last month and none so far this year, better than the 3 percent increase statewide over the same time last year.

Overall, Waltham had three completed foreclosures last month, the number as the same time last year. That’s is better than 36.5 percent statewide increase.

To date, foreclosures have fallen 20 percent from 10 to 8, over the same time last year.  


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