Jul 26, 2014

If You Were In Charge of Waltham, What Would You Change?

Have you ever dreamed of running Waltham? Here is your chance to do that. Sort of.

If You Were In Charge of Waltham, What Would You Change?

Hate the condition of the roads? Tired of waiting for that proposed business to open? 

New Englanders are famously good at complaining and never being satisfied with how their city government runs its community. Well, if you you were in charge of running Waltham, what would you change?

I know I would change at least a few things in Waltham.

To start, I would hold city council meetings earlier in the day. While it would be difficult to schedule them to fit everybody’s needs, the regular 8 p.m. start time is problematic. The meetings often run long and have been known to go past midnight. Such a late start time discourages residents from attending, especially when key issues are being discussed. The meetings, however, are broadcast live on cable access. Also, late-night meetings may tempt councilors to wait and vote on key issues when few or no residents are present-and-watching.

Now your turn. In the comments box below, tell us: in you were in charge, what you would change about your community?

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