Jul 26, 2014

‘The Cops’ Sent Home on ‘Expedition Impossible’

Local team finishes last in week nine.

‘The Cops’ Sent Home on ‘Expedition Impossible’

After surviving eight weeks on an ABC reality show, a local group of competitors is finally coming home.

This week’s Expedition Impossible began with the Gypsies team once again taking a head start on the competition. While the local Cops might not have started in first, they were entering the ninth episode riding a wave of success from week eight.

“It seems like the competition is getting tougher,” said James Vaglica of The Cops. “We need to represent police officers all over the country and we’re not gonna let them down.”

A victory at stage nine would ensure a final four berth for any team not eliminated.

Teams began the mission on rafts, but The Cops ran aground when their raft was washed up onto a rock. With water rushing into the boat, the team lost a lot of ground and fell into last place as other teams moved onto the next challenge.

The Cops kept their resolve, though, and managed to pull back into the competition with injuries nagging the Gypsies and No Limits teams. The Cops quickly pulled into third place before a major snafu once again set back the team.

While descending a mountain, Vaglica accidentally dropped his life jacket and did not realize his mistake until he was several hundreds yards away. Thinking the jacket belonged to one of the Fab 3 members, Football Player Ricky Sharpe picked up the item, intending to bring it to the team at the bottom of the mountain. As Vaglica raced back up the mountain, Sharpe realized that the item belonged to a team much closer to them in the race and decided to drop the jacket back on the ground.

“We’re in last place right now and it’s elimination day,” said Sharpe. “At this point, I wish I had never picked it up because they’d have to go that much further back.”

Added Vaglica, “It’s like every time we’re ahead, we get a setback.”

But once again, The Cops regrouped, found the jacket and moved down to the next stage around the same time No Limits were. After rowing to the next stage, The Cops remained in last place, but were not far behind their nearest competitors, eventually passing No Limits on land.

“Challenges have been hit or miss for us. We either nail it or struggle. It’s 50/50,” said Robert Robillard of The Cops team.

Robillard’s words would prove prophetic as they found a pottery item needed for the next challenge, but failed to look inside for instructions that would have taken them to the finish. Lacking instruction, The Cops decided to blindly follow the Football Players before losing them.

“We’re pretty lost at this point,” Vaglica reported.

Floundering about, The Cops spotted the No Limits team making their way up the mountain and decided to pursue. As the two teams found themselves in a footrace with one another, teams at the finish started to cheer for No Limits.

“How can you not root for them? They have a blind guy and a guy with a broken foot,” said Gypsies member John Post of No Limits.

After continuing the trek with an injured foot, Aaron Isaacson and his No Limits teammates pushed through and finished ahead of The Cops. After coming in last place, week nine spelled the end of the local group’s chapter.

“To be so close to the finals … I’m glad I had these two with me, because they helped pull me through,” Robillard said of his teammates.

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