15 Sep 2014
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'A Little Positivity Goes a Long Way"

From Wayland Town Center to marijuana, Wayland Patch readers had plenty to say this week.

'A Little Positivity Goes a Long Way"

'Let's Hope a McDonald's Is Not Far Behind'

- "Completely agree. It is not a 'Town Center', it is a shopping center and a rather large one at that. The Stop and Shop alone is 45,000 sq. feet (just for reference the Shaw's in Sudbury is 32,000 square feet). The developers promised a quaint New England -like downtown with shops of varying architecture as if it had been built over time. The only thing that varies amongst the buildings is the color of the paint. Historically, this size of a shopping center is placed within 5 minutes of a major highway. The town, unfortunately, fell for all the lies. -- Sandy Ross

What Businesses are Coming to Wayland Town Center?

- "The failure of local businesses is due to residents failure to support them. There is a lot of elitism woven into the comments above. If you do not want a Bertucci's do not eat there, it will fail. If you do not want a CVS, don't go there, it will fail. The reason these establishments do not fail is because they offer some appeal to consumers. If you want to pay extra for food go to Whole Foods, bring your own bags and your wallet. The Stop & Shop offers high quality food choices at competitive prices. Not politically correct, but an economical choice. That said, at least this site is appropriate for this type of retail development. If you want to see a traffic problem and safety issue look at the Finnerty's plan. The proposed curbcut will impede emergency vehicles and endanger middle schoolers on foot and bicycle. That project is an example of greedy developers trying to cram a big box retailer into a spot where it does not belong." -- Wayland Resident

- "I am looking forward to another option in Wayland. Whole Foods frustrates me everyday. I HATE the music they play, the loose carts in the parking lot. The produce that while expensive is often filthy. The constant requests for charitable donations in the check-out and often at the door. I do shop there most days. I like their friendly staff. But another option is welcomed. Now, if I can't get what I need at Whole Foods I have to go to another town to shop. Not convenient or thrifty." -- CAS

Local Family Excited to Bring Dessert to Wayland Town Center

- "I am hoping that 'real' ice cream will be offered at the formerly Finnerty's property. Another frozen yogurt place is not needed, I agree." -- lois

- "Really people? How about good luck O'Keefe family in your new business venture? How about being supportive of a new small local business? And there is plenty of room for more than 1 frozen yogurt shop...just like there are many nail salons, hair salons, coffee shops, gyms, etc...A little positivity goes a long way...you should try it all of you glass 1/2 empty people!" -- bonnie morrissey

Wayland Officials Speak Out Against Medical Marijuana Question

- "Before daring to call marijuana medicine, we should take into account the following. The chemical analysis of raw marijuana shows it to contain 33 known carcinogens. It contains far greater quantities of cancer-causing ingredients than tobacco smoke. All major medical associations oppose the use of marijuana to treat any medical condition. It is not approved by the FDA. On the other hand, the FDA has approved some pharmaceuticals which have the same active ingredient as marijuana (THC), minus all those carcinogens. Marinol has been available in local pharmacies across the nation since 1999. For any patient who really can't swallow a small Marinol capsule, there is an oral spray Sativex in its final stages of clinical trial. Any seriously ill patient can enroll in these clinical trials and be taking Sativex immediately. Truthfully, Sativex is easier for a patient to take than smoking a joint or eating an edible preparation containing raw marijuana. Let's trust the best advice of the medical community and vote NO on Question 3." -- Thomas Purdy

- "Go Wayland! About time! Welcome to civilized world! Department of Health - if you really cared about wellbeing of residents in Wayland, all of you would SUPPORT Ballot Question 3. As for dispensary - plenty of rental space available in Wayland. Bring some business to Wayland. It's deeply disappointing to see our great police department offer no support in this matter. Shame on you Mr. Irving. I do not see you protest liquor stores in our area." -- wilson paul

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