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Best Cherry Picks for Different Recipes

Which cherries are best in pie, in a sauce or dipped in chocolate?

Apple pie may have the stronghold on Americana, but it was the cherry that lured our first president to  mischief.

Sweet or tart, the cherry can be baked into slab pies, drizzled on cheese or poured over chocolate. The possibilities are endless, and so is your cherry selection.

TELL US: What's the best use of cherries you've had in a local dish?

Here are some of the best cherry picks for different dishes: 

Cherry Pie: Tart cherries are a great option for pies. Montmorency are most easily found.

Cherry Ice Cream: Sweet Bing cherries work best in ice cream. 

Cheese Blintz: When pairing with cheese, turn sour cherries like Montmorency into a sauce. 

Cherry Cookies: When baking cookies, sweet Bing or Lambert cherries are best and Maraschinos are always an option.

Crostini, Cheese and Cherries with Mint: 
Choose a sour cherry to pair with soft cheese like brie on a crostini with mint for a light canapé.

Cobblers: Red tarts are more sour and work well with sweet crusts.

Cherry Marmalade: Choose dark sweet Bing or Lambert cherries when making marmalade.

Duck with Cherry Sauce: Royal Anne lightly sweet cherries make the best sauce for duck recipes. 

Chocolate Dipped Cherries: Maraschino cherries are best dipped in chocolate. 

Cherry Juice: Tart cherries make the healthiest and best juicing choice. 

Bowl of Cherries: Bing and Lamberts are your go-to sweet cherry choices when you're up for eating a bowl. 

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