15 Sep 2014
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Oh My: Fox Chases Woman, Kid Gets Stuck in Treadmill

We compile the odd, unusual, and 'oh, my gosh' police reports from around the MetroWest region.

Oh My: Fox Chases Woman, Kid Gets Stuck in Treadmill

Our weekly roundup of wacky MetroWest-area police news includes cameos from a fox, an out-of-place reptile, and more.

Little Red Riding Hood flees from a fox.

Sorry for the misleading headline. Little Red Riding Hood wasn't actually in town. I just wanted you to read that a woman was . (He did not catch her.)

And in other weird wildlife news...

A Hopkinton resident called police to report her son had found what appeared to be a . (Hey, better than an "alive" boa constrictor, I say—sorry, snake lovers.) 

Next time, the litterbug should throw himself (or herself) over the retaining wall.

If you're anything like I am, you think Singapore's littering enforcement laws are the best ever. They might even be too lenient. Toss a coffee cup out the window while driving in front of me, and I will call the police. 

So, it must have been maddening for the folks at an industrial park in Milford to have found not one, not two, but three My guess is that these weren't gifts. Hey, we all have clunky, outdated TVs we'd like to get rid of, but most of us just keep them in our garage, telling ourselves we're waiting for the next electronics recycling day.

It's all fun and games until someone gets stuck in the treadmill.

You know those things your parents tell you when you're young? Like, if you make a contorted face, it'll stay that way? Or if you put your hand near moving parts, it'll get stuck there? I just learned this week that it's all true. (It became un-stuck before they arrived, and the medics were canceled.)

Online delivery: It's the safe choice.

A Holliston resident reported seeing a . Now, we at Patch love our brothers and sisters in print media, but I can't resist pointing out that when delivering news to our readers, we're simply running to our computers—not running people off the road.

While the deliveryman was in town, I hope he didn't hit...

.... Glad that one turned out OK.

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