15 Sep 2014
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Wellesley College Crew Tackles The Harlem Shake Meme

Crew team creates their own take on the "Harlem Shake" internet meme.


The Harlem Shake meme, which has been sweeping the web is getting a little closer to home.

The Swellesley Report  regrets to inform us that "The Harlem Shake" has struck Wellesley--as the Wellesley College Crew team has put together their own take on the meme sweeping the internet.

This style of meme take its name from the artist Baauer’s song “Harlem Shake,” which is played in the background. The videos feature a lone person dancing, usually in a crowd, and then a smash cut to the entire group dancing--not always together. Funny costumes are common additions. 

The New York neighborhood for which the meme is named is  not impressed by the viral videos sweeping the web, however.

The term "meme" refers to a style or behavior that gets carried over within a culture, and internet culture is rife with them. Some recent examples being the " I can has cheezeburger" cat and  Tardar Sauce [sic.] the Grumpy Cat.

Wellesley is certainly no stranger to internet memes, "Scumbag Steve" better known as Black Boston of Millis has an infamous connection to the town.

Many colleges,  Wellesley and  Babson included, also have Facebook pages where students can share memes which remind them of student life.

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