19 Aug 2014
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Wellesley Student Spends Semester in the Wilderness

Finn Mahoney, 17, spent his semester traveling 600 miles around Vermont.

Wellesley Student Spends Semester in the Wilderness

17-year-old Finn Mahoney of Wellesley recently traveled 600 miles around the state of Vermont by ski, canoe, rowboat, and bike on Kroka Expeditions’ tenth Vermont Semester.

Finn and his fellow students traded the indoor classroom for an outdoor one, receiving a full semester of high school academic credits along the wilderness trail. The curriculum is designed to provide practical skills and knowledge necessary to accomplish a wilderness expedition, combining traditional skills and contemporary outdoor adventure. Students were immersed in local history, culture, ecology and an appreciation for all life through this unique exploration of the landscape and human communities.

The journey began in January in Marlow, NH, where Finn and his 13 fellow students from throughout the US and Canada worked together to prepare for skilling Vermont’s Catamount Trail.

In the middle of a heavy snowstorm in February, these 14 students headed out into the Vermont wilderness and skied more than 300 miles, heading north through the mountains and valleys of Vermont.

After the snow melted in April, Finn and his fellow classmates traded in their skis for canoes in order to paddle down the Lamoille River to Lake Champlain.

Their journey continued as they loaded bicycles and began their trek back home across the Green Mountains to New Hampshire. Along the way they witnessed an Amish barn raising, went on an adventure in a cave, and transplanted corn at a local farm.

The students arrived back at Kroka to graduate on June 7th. Finn completed his semester journey by riding his bicycle home to Wellesley with fellow Kroka Expeditions alumni.

For more information and stories, visit the students’ blog or contact Emily Hughes at 603-835-9087 or outreach@kroka.org.

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