Jul 29, 2014

What Businesses Do You Want in Wellesley?

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What Businesses Do You Want in Wellesley?

Wellesley will always have turnover with businesses. One business leaves, another one arrives.

is the latest company to open up shop in town. This last year, Pinkberry, First Commons Bank and a new Whole Foods Market opened. Boloco burrito restaurant will be next.

Yesterday via Twitter, Wellesley Patch saw some Tweets lamenting new businesses in town. People said there are too many pizza shops and banks in Wellesley.

While Wellesley Square struggles to find itself in today’s plummeting economic climate, and Linden Square rolls out the red carpet for new commerce and attractions seemingly every month, which businesses do you want to see come to Wellesley? Which ones will have the most positive effect on the town?

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