Jul 26, 2014
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Letter to the Editor: Dykema Vote was Anti-Small Business

Legislation she supported forced home day care centers to pay union dues, he says.

Letter to the Editor: Dykema Vote was Anti-Small Business

To the Editor:

Government regulations are hurting our local businesses. 

I was disappointed to learn that Rep. Dykema voted to force home day care centers into a state employee union. She’ll say they are not forced, but the state takes the money out of the voucher whether they join or not. These are small women owned home daycares that are being hurt. These small businesses have opposed being in the SEIU for eight years. Instead of the Legislature accepting that decision, they passed legislation to force them to pay union dues. 

Rep. Dykema’s vote was anti-small business. The large corporate daycare centers like Kindercare are exempt. Worse yet, it will cause the rates for parents to increase, and moreso cause them to close their doors. This hurts parents and children who rely on trusty local daycares.

On Nov. 6, we can do better.  Vote Marty Lamb for state representative.


Donald Folkes


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