Jul 27, 2014
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Mindful Parenting at Sohum Yoga and Meditation Studio

Mindful Parenting at Sohum Yoga and Meditation Studio
Would you like your relationship with your child to be more thoughtful, compassionate, and peaceful? Studies confirm the benefits of meditation and present-moment awareness techniques help both parents and children deal with stress more effectively – they become kinder, have more positive interactions, are more responsive, focused, and astute at conflict resolution. In this weekly class, we’ll learn techniques to care for ourselves as parents as well as breath awareness and present-moment techniques that we can share with our children to help them thrive.

This class will be offered on Mondays from 7:15 to 8:15pm and on Fridays from 9 to 10am at Sohum Yoga and Meditation Studio. 
Visit www.Sohum.org Email Info@Sohum.org ; Tel 508-329-3338

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