Jul 27, 2014
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Summer Martial Arts & Film Program

Summer Martial Arts & Film Program
If your child dreams of being on the silver screen this program will put your young performer in the action! Participants will learn traditional Martial Arts technique, as well as film-ready dramatic techniques as they train in Karate, learn to choreograph action sequences for film, create storyboards and costumes, and film and edit a two-minute action scene to add to their reel! The day's activities are divided into training sessions, story boarding the video project and filming the action. Parents are welcome to stop by during the day and participate in their children's activities. The last day of the program will be a belt exam for those who are ready to advance to their first colored belt. Professional filming and editing equipment will be used. For more information visit http://www.perrokarate.com/specialized-programs.html or call 508-733-8021.

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