Jul 26, 2014

Five Things for Today in Westford: Aug. 28

From Nabnasset to Forge Village, here are your Five Things for today in Westford.

Five Things for Today in Westford: Aug. 28


#1. Looking for Low Glycemic Recipes?:

#2. 's Bus Routes...

#3. Square Foot Gardening for Families Square foot gardening uses minimal space and maintenance and yields big results.  Best of all, it is a system that allows kids to be involved.  Learn how to set up a garden, grow some fall veggies and be prepared to plant early spring vegetables.  $98/$95, Saturday, Sept. 15, 1:30 to 4:00 p.m.

 More information on the Roudenbush website.

#4. Westford Record Breaker: The Lowell Sun is reporting that Ken Makuch set a land speed record earlier this month in Utah.  

#5. Pictured: Cornerstone's coming along, and here's a picture of the "A6" building near the Regency we took last week.

We have many more pictures from a tour we took, that will be in our Wednesday morning newsletter.

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