Jul 28, 2014

DPW Director of Operations: 'We're Ready'

Weston crews have been busy for days preparing for the Blizzard of 2013.

DPW Director of Operations: 'We're Ready'

The latest estimates of snowfall in Weston have the town looking at as much as 3 feet of the white stuff falling in the next 24-plus hours.

Department of Public Works Director of Operations Bob Hoffman, however, said his crews can handle whatever may fall.

"We're ready to go," Hoffman said. "We've been through this before."

Hoffman said his crews have spent the past couple of days sharpening plow blades, checking the oil in vehicles and performing other basic vehicle maintenance to ensure the trucks are in prime working condition.

Hoffman said that, unlike the Blizzard of '78, there isn't any snow on the ground right now so crews have a place to put the piles of cleared snow.

Hoffman's biggest concern: That residents obey the town bylaw and not push snow off their property and into the street.

"That's our biggest problem," he said.

In addition, Hoffman asked that residents not park in the streets, as it makes the roads impassable for plows and sanders.

"I guess it's good that people are kind of panicking," Hoffman said. "For a few hours, it's going to be hairy. I think overall we'll do a good job."

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