15 Sep 2014
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Customer Service Fuels Used Car Sales

Satisfied customers are using word of mouth as a power of influence to either benefit or hinder the used car businesses in West Roxbury.

Customer Service Fuels Used Car Sales Customer Service Fuels Used Car Sales Customer Service Fuels Used Car Sales Customer Service Fuels Used Car Sales

Ecstatic customers are responsible for the success of used car dealerships, even during economic troubles and hard times. Good service keeps pre-owned consumers happy making word of mouth the primary propelling force behind used car sales in West Roxbury.

“ is a great company,” said Maura Shurtleff, a resident of West Roxbury. “They are good to the people. I bought a used van almost three years ago, and they really do treat you right,” Shurtleff said smiling as she spoke about the dealership located at 1789 Centre St. 

Car salesman, Tom Griffith who is also a resident on the outskirts of West Roxbury said, “Even during bad times, our good business comes from neighborhood referrals.” He joked around with Shurtleff saying, “Of course we have good service, we all eat dinner at the same places.” 

However, good customer service is not the only thing that makes good business in the used car sales arena.

, located at 1575 VFW Parkway, had a great December in respects to sales, and because of the winter storms and cold weather, the Honda CR-Vs and Pilots are currently their best sellers. After a great December, the sales are going to increase for the New Year due to people in need of cars.

“People need cars,” said Jim Monpalpo. “This customer pulling up now has a car older than 10 years and has ran their car into the ground. It’s time they need a new one,” the car salesman said. 

Prime Honda has salesman waiting for customers outside of their entrance to better serve possible consumers; however, when it comes to pre-owned vehicles, that initial customer service is still needed even after the purchase.

Used car salesmen are known as people out for the quick sale, but after that, full responsibility and liability is left up to the consumer. 

This is why a friendly referral can mean so much to a used car buyer. Dan Mullane at on 361 Belgrade Ave. spent most of one of his recent Saturday mornings in his office. When asked how car sales were going, he quickly replied, “Awful. You may want to come back and speak to our owner” who was not available for comment.

If you’re looking for a used car that isn’t available at Clay Auto Center or any of the other used car dealerships in West Roxbury, Clay Auto Center will find the used car of your choice.

But if you need a vehicle to get around the city, you may want to take the safe route and choose from a more customer friendly company. You can get information from any of the dealerships or from the web. Prime Honda has an even bigger selection online, according the their salesman, Michelle Holmes. “They are aggressive for prices,” Holmes said.

If you are not worried about price cuts, and you are more focused on satisfying service, check out West Roxbury Motors.

“I referred by brother-in-law and he loves his car,” said Shurtleff. “My husband was even impressed with the service. And he’s never impressed.”

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