Jul 29, 2014

Scott Brown Stops in West Roxbury, with Chants of 'Go Scott! Go!'

Republican US. Sen. Scott Brown handed out some bake sale items, greeted supporters, and waved to drivers through the Holy Name Rotary on Tuesday mid-morning.


Republican US Senator Scott Brown's campaign bus pulled into the Holy Name Rotary to the chants of supporters mid Tuesday morning.

As Brown and his wife, Gail Huff, made their way onto one of the traffic islands in the Rotary, Elizabeth Warren supporters chanted against Brown from the Holy Name School's parking lot.

"Go Scott! Go!" chanted Brown's supporters, as did Elizabeth Warren supporters, as well as "No Scott! No!" from the Warren crowd.

"People over party!" was a very loud cheer from the more than 30 Brown supporters, which after a while Brown joked, "All right, all right. They get it."

Brown waved to drivers as they passed through the Holy Name Rotary.

He was greeted by several St. Theresa's School teachers, like Coley Ferraro and Meaghan McCabe, who said they just wanted to come out and see Brown.

Chants of "Six more years!" were met with "Down with Brown" from the Warren supporters looking down at the Brown crowd.

Nearby, Boston Fire Department Ladder 29 drove through the rotary and honked at Brown, who waved back at them.

Brown stayed in West Roxbury for about 25 minutes, during which time his wife also handed out Quincy bake sale items from their last campaign stop. Brown started his morning in Wrentham, then went to Braintree, then to Quincy, West Roxbury, Lowell, Woburn and he'll end up back in Boston to finish up the night.

Among the throngs of supporters and media, Brown spoke, "This is West Roxbury, part of Massachsuetts. I'm after every vote. It's pretty simple." 

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