Jul 29, 2014

Top Speeding Spots in West Roxbury

West Roxbury's District Councilor Matt O'Malley led a Boston City Council hearing on how to improve road safety and decrease speeding.

Top Speeding Spots in West Roxbury Top Speeding Spots in West Roxbury


Like his predecessor John Tobin, Boston District 6 City Councilor Matt O'Malley wants Boston's roadways to be a safer place.

On Tuesday, O'Malley led a hearing attended by residents, Boston Transportation Department officials, as well as emergency responders, according to MetroBoston.

O’Malley has suggested having more traffic enforcement patrols, more radar speed signs, removable rubber rodad mats, speed tables (longer than a speed bump), and temporary speed bumps.

West Roxbury's District Councilor also provided a list of six known speeding areas in West Roxbury. They are in no particular order.

  1. Lasell Street
  2. Grove Street (across from Washington Street heading into Dedham)
  3. LaGrange Street
  4. Centre Street (near Fairlaine and Stimson) and from Baker to West Roxbury Crushed Stone
  5. Baker Street from Centre Street to the Catholic Memorial School
  6. Redlands Road

What roads and areas do you think drivers speed the most in West Roxbury? What do you think can be done to make roads safer? What do you think of Councilor O'Malley's suggestions?

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