Jul 27, 2014
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VIDEO: Westwood Farmers Market Vendor Profile - Copicut Farms

Taking you behind the scenes of what's being offered at the new farmers market on Nahatan Street.

Vendors of the Westwood Farmers Market are now heading into their fourth week of business.

, vendors at the market said the response to their presence in Westwood has been overwhelming.

And for residents in town new to the market, Westwood Patch is going to give you a weekly inside look at each vendor's origin, what they're offering to customers and how business has been so far.

This week we profile Copicut Farms, a small family-based farm from North Dartmouth. Owner and vendor Elizabeth Frary explains how businesses has been for the farm, as she and her family have now set up shop at seven farmers markets, including the one in Westwood.

A fan of the Westwood Farmers Market? Have a favorite food you've bought there? Let us know in the comments below!

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