Jul 29, 2014
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Petition Asks Town to Stop Spraying Weeds With Roundup

As of Wednesday, 67 residents had signed the petition to stop the use of Roundup.

Petition Asks Town to Stop Spraying Weeds With Roundup
Wilmington residents concerned about the environmental impact of a weed killing chemical have turned to an online petition to ask the town to stop spraying the substance.

An online petition on the website MoveOn.org says that the town is spraying a substance called Roundup as a way to keep weeds from growing in Wilmington neighborhoods.

There are currently 67 "signatures" on the online petition, which aims to gain 100 supporters through the website.

"I woke up yesterday morning to find out my lovely organic garden had been contaminated by the spraying of Roundup in the early morning hours," petition creator Allison Brooks wrote. "I am no longer willing to wait for the world to stop and see what is going on, I am going to help spread the word and make my town a safer place for all our children and grandchildren."

To view the petition, which supporters say will be sent to Town Manager Jeff Hull and Department of Public Works Director Michael Woods,  visit this MoveOn.org page.

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