Jul 27, 2014

Wilmington House of Pizza

The Best Greek Salad in Town.

Wilmington House of Pizza Wilmington House of Pizza

has been my go-to shop for pizza and Greek salads for nearly two decades. In my twenties I worked at a print shop and we would make the “Greek Salad Run” at least three times a week.

On Friday nights I’d swing in and pick up some slices (and another Greek salad) to fill my stomach before my friends and I headed out for the night.

I’ve had Greek salads from many restaurants but Wilmington House is still my favorite.

It has to be the dressing which is sweet, oil based and loaded with plenty of herbs. It is perfect for dipping the soft pita bread that comes with it in. Their pizza is a traditional Greek style and though I prefer plain cheese my husband raves about the spinach and feta.

The crust on any pizza you order is sufficiently crunchy and the cheese is baked until bubbly and just brown. In our house we fight over the piece with the bubble in it.

Though the food and the prices are both great my favorite thing about Wilmington House is the greeting you get when walking in or out their door. There is nothing like a “Hey Sweetie!” or “Thanks Buddy!” to let me know those twenty years of patronage have been time well spent.

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