Jul 29, 2014
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Wilmington Winter Storm Updates and More

Five things to kick off your weekend in Wilmington on Jan. 3.

Wilmington Winter Storm Updates and More

1. Winter Storm Update: The National Weather Service is projecting 18 inches of snow for Wilmington as of 8 p.m. on Thursday. 

2. Reader Comment of the Day: When I moved into this town years ago I couldn't find one hill (aside from the tiny one behind the Woburn St School)..I called the Police department business line and asked them..the police officer said that aside from 'suicide hill' (the one mentioned in the article, there was no other hill in this town. He was right! Flattest town I've ever seen!!

3. Schools Closed: In case you missed it,  Wilmington Public Schools are closed for Thursday  and Friday. Students will return to school on Monday. 

4. Poor Road Conditions: Wilmington Police have issued the following warning on road conditions via twitter:

Deteriorating road conditions and heavy traffic is making for tough driving all over town. Avoid going out if possible."

5. Live Storm Updates: Be sure to follow Wilmington Patch on  Twitter and  Facebook throughout the storm as we'll have ongoing updates there as well.

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