Jul 28, 2014
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Pyrotecnico Explains Live Firework Shell

Pyrotecnico apologizes after several July 4 incidents that involved unexploded firework shells around Massachusetts.

Pyrotecnico Explains Live Firework Shell

To the Editor:

Our family-owned company, Pyrotecnico, has been a fireworks industry leader representing a standard of excellence for over 100 years – and safety has always been of utmost importance to us (“,” July 12, 2012). 

It is our commitment to safety that led us to act immediately when we learned that unexploded fireworks shells were retrieved in some of the Massachusetts communities in which we recently performed shows.  We acted quickly to conduct thorough examinations not only of the areas in which these shells were discovered, but in every single Massachusetts location in which we had recently performed shows. With local authorities, we have determined that all of these areas are clear. 

While we believe the unexploded shells were an isolated event traceable to a defective product – one which we have separated from our inventory and will never use again – we also conducted an internal investigation containing findings that will likely lead us to enhance our safety training procedures moving forward.  

We are committed to ensuring that our shows uphold the highest level of safety for the families who enjoy them. We look forward to continuing to provide safe, reliable and entertaining fireworks displays throughout Massachusetts communities for years to come. 


Steve Vitale


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