Jul 28, 2014
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TELL US: Should Massachusetts Pass a Voter ID Bill?

Let us know your thoughts on presenting government-issued ID when voting for the general election in 2012.

TELL US: Should Massachusetts Pass a Voter ID Bill? TELL US: Should Massachusetts Pass a Voter ID Bill?

Voters in southern Massachusetts will vote on a non-binding ballot question this fall on a hotly debated topic: Whether a government issued ID should be shown before someone is allowed to vote.

 recently in establishing the ballot question in some of Bristol County's districts. The initiative will be on the district ballots in the first, fourth and sixth Bristol districts as a non-binding vote to show support for voter identification. Support for such a requirement, Kozlowski said, is designed to help minimize voter fraud.

Kozlowski worked with Peter Sacks at the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office to work on the language of the bill. The ultimate approval, even after possible support, would be up to the Attorney General. And the ballot question will essentially put out feelers for support of the bill.

Last year, several supporters tried to get a full state proposition on the ballot for this November, but the Attorney General's Office  rejected the bid to require government ID for voting in Massachusetts, saying the cost of procuring a legal photo identification disenfranchises many voters.

What do you think? Should Massachusetts require voters to present ID when at the polls? Will this prevent voter fraud, or does it disenfranchise some law abiding citizes?

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