23 Aug 2014
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The love of LEGOS

Finding toys for your kids that stand the test of time can be a challenge but LEGOS pass the test.

The love of LEGOS

We all have fond memories of our favorite toys growing up and some are still packed up in boxes waiting for the next generation of little ones to love them. But none seem to stand the test of time like good old fashioned LEGOS. I saw this in action just last week when my husband’s Father sent several boxes from home filled with childhood toys, trophies and pictures. Needles to say the pictures gave my kids a good laugh and the trophies impressed my son into saying, “Dad you were really good at a lot of things when you were little” but what they were most enamored with where the LEGOS. And there were lots of LEGOS! At one point my son climbed right into the box and was in heaven.

So what’s all the fuss about? I wonder the same every time I step on one of those tiny pieces and scream in pain.

LEGOS does a great job of marketing to a wide age range. From the bigger Duplo blocks for little ones (my kids still play with them), to the intricate LEGO cities that entice young teens. There are free form building blocks for those who like to create their own designs and themed blocks that range from Harry Potter to a city block café to a wrist watch. I have heard some complain that the theme blocks don’t allow for the creativity that LEGOs were based upon but then I think of how many times my kids have created a themed LEGOs set and then dismantled it and made their own creation. The inception of LEGOs competitions such as FIRST LEGO League and locally Lexington Robotics creates excitement for science and technology teaches team work and how to meet a challenge.   

Another perk of LEGOs is their timelessness and value. Since their inception in the 1940’s they have continued to be a staple in the houses of children around the world. No matter the economic times, parents always want toys that their kids will play with for more than the moment they open the box. Value is a big consideration when buying toys for children. Yes you want the latest and the greatest but wouldn’t it be great of those toys were also classics. Even though some LEGOs sets are close to $100.00 they can be found for much less on Ebay, Craig’s Lists and at Goodwill. Often times, parents start their children off with a basic set and have Grandparents and friends add to them.

My favorite aspect of LEGOs is the incredible detail in their design. My husband, an engineer, marvels at the manufacturing process and the amazing precision in which they are made. When he and the kids play with the more intricate sets he reminds them that they are like little puzzles and each piece has a home. I watch in amazement as my four and six year olds sit for what seems like hours going through the direction book putting these tiny pieces together to create rocket ships, speed boats, helicopters and entire cities.     

Needless to say I am a LEGO fan. This past weekend alone my kids completed three projects together with minimal help from my husband and me. They sat together and went through the directions page by page and where thrilled with their accomplishment.  We were too!  

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