Jul 30, 2014

5T: City To Issue Liens on Unpaid Bills

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5T: City To Issue Liens on Unpaid Bills

Here are five things you need to know today in Woburn:


1) Liens planned

The city of Woburn is planning to attach liens to any outstanding water and sewer bills. These bills were due in September. If payment is made before Dec. 11, the homeowner can avoid these additional penalties. Payments can be made at the Collector’s Office during regular City Hall business hours.


2) Win "gold!"

The Boys & Girls Club of Woburn is holding its annual "Pot of Gold" raffle next year, but tickets are already available! Tickets are $100 each and only 1,000 are sold every year. Click here for more information. 


3) More sunshine

According to the  National Weather Service's pinpointed forecast for Woburn, we can expect sunshiney skies today, which will be nice after all the rain and clouds we've experienced this week! Temperatures will be in the 40s with a light afternoon wind.


4) In case you missed it

Readers generated quite a bit of discussion yesterday as we posed the question: What do you think of the nativity scene on the common? This question was raised by a reader, and we put it forward. .


5) Headlines in history

Let's take a walk through Woburn's history, shall we? Some headlines in newspapers regarding Dec. 6 events in Woburn were:

  • 1906—Woburn Boy Badly Hurt—A 13-year-old boy was run over by truck while crossing Main Street.
  • 1950— Riley, Leather Firm Head, Dies in Woburn—68-year-old John J. Riley dies in his home. 
  • 1955—ABC Board Plans Woburn Visit After Hearing Rejected Licenses—Three stores protest city's licensing decisions; state holds hearing.

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