15 Sep 2014
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5T: Help Resident With Her Dying Final Wish

Catch up on Woburn news, information, events, history and more.

5T: Help Resident With Her Dying Final Wish

Here are five things you need to know today in Woburn:


1) Building rental

Have you ever wanted to rent one of the city's school buildings for your group? If you're a Woburn group, you just need to do a few things: fill out this form seven days before you need the building; and follow some simple rules—no latex gloves or balloons (or anything), you must leave by midnight, and accept liability for injuries or problems. Keep in mind, groups cannot rent the school buildings on holidays, school vacation weeks or when school is cancelled. Oh, and you can't have a wedding there either! 

2) Fundraiser

The family of Woburn resident Frances Gunning is looking for some assistance in helping grant Frances' last wish. Frances has been diagnosed with cancer and does not have long to live, according to her doctors. Frances would like to be buried in Woburn, but does not have enough money. If you can spare a few dollars this holiday season, please think of helping Frances realize her final wish by donating here


3) A beautiful day

According to the  National Weather Service's specialized forecast just for Woburn, we will see more sunshine today as our beautiful weather continues. Sure, it'll be a little chilly with tempertures in the 40s, but the sun will warm us! Expect a slight wind this morning, too.


4) In case you missed it

Ever thought about colors and what they mean? There is a whole psychology behind color theories. Using some of the theory, we explained what the colors black and orange mean in regards to the city of Woburn. It's fascinating! Check it out here! 


5) Headlines in history

Let's take a walk through Woburn's history, shall we? Some headlines in newspapers regarding Nov. 20 events in Woburn were:

  • 1910—Woburn Memorial Dedicated—A memorial was put on Woburn Common to honor victims of the Spanish War.
  • 1937—'Ownie' Doherty, 67, Is Dead At Woburn—The owner of a hot dog cart that was placed on the Common died after collapsing at nearby Mahoney's barber shop.
  • 1954—Truck on Hoist Falls, Kills Woburn Man—A mechanic at the DPW yard was killed in the accident.

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