22 Aug 2014
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Exciting Win for Pop Warner B Team

Team goes back and forth with Wilmington.

Exciting Win for Pop Warner B Team


The following text was provided by Woburn Pop Warner:

This past week the Sgt. Paul Connolly Trojan Woburn B Team defeated Wilmington at home. 

From the 1st kick-off of the game, there was never a dull moment.  Wilmington ran the ball from the 20-yard line and flew past Woburn’s defense within minutes of the game beginning scoring the 1st Touchdown of the game. Wilmington punted for the extra 2 points and it was good leading them 8 points. 

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Woburn’s offensive of Ryan Getherall, Tommy Nye, Luis Germano, David Lennon, Andre Eller, and Dustin Burkle did a great job blocking, as Nick Romeo caught the ball and ran it to the 41-yard line.  A pass from Q.B. Jake Bridge to Kyle Chorlton brought the ball to the 37-yard line.  Colin Butcher gets the 1st down at the 37-yard line.  Unfortunately Woburn fumbled the ball and Wilmington took over. 

Although Wilmington’s offense gave all they could but they were not match for Woburn’s defense of Joseph Silverhus, Mateus Nunes, Luther Thiogene, Clifford Luis, Jacob Walthall and Joseph O’Brien.  Charles O’Connor and Kyle Chorlton also putting pressure on Wilmington to punt only for Jesus Pizarro to help Woburn take over on the 38-yard line.  Colin Butcher took the ball down for 1st and goal at the 8-yard line.  The ball was intercepted by Wilmington at the 5-yard line.  Woburn really stayed on their toes and Scotty Peary made a great tackle at the 23-yard line.  More great defense by Tyler Hayden, Ahmed Hmina, John Golles and Ryan Chillemi.  Matthew Pollard blocked a kick for a Touch Down run. Kyle Chorlton punted for the extra 2points and it was good.  The game was tied 8-8. 

Andrew Nicholas made a superb tackle at the 30-yard line.  Wilmington just couldn’t get pass Nick Romeo, Ryan Getherall and Jacob Walthall. Wilmington then passed the ball as Scotty Peary made a spectacular interception at the 12-yard line. Running the ball with some fancy footwork skills, Kyle Chorlton got the 2nd touch down of the game.  For the extra 2points, Kyle punted the ball but it was no good. 

Wilmington then took the ball to the 44-yard line as Andrew Nicholas and Tyler Hayden came in with a hard tackle.  The ball got turned over to Woburn with seconds in the 1st half Jake Bridge through a great pass to Tyler Hayden at the 15-yard line as time ran out.

Woburn’s defense dominated the 2nd half with superb tackling by Luke Scaramozzino, Nelson Claude and Marlon McCoy.  Scotty Peary intercepted the ball with a flag on the play that brought Woburn back to the 30-yard line yet keeping the ball.  Wilmington’s defense gave Woburn’s offense an obstacle that kept them creeping down the field.  Kyle Chorlton punted at the 45-yard line for Wilmington to take over the ball at the 43-yard line.  Wilmington just couldn’t get pass Woburn’s defense.  Nelson Claude blocked a pass by Wilmington at the 35-yard line. 

An injury for a Wilmington player halted the game for about 10-minutes as the ambulance was called. 

As the game resumed with Woburn taking over the ball on the 35-yard line, Nick Romeo recovered a fumble.  Jake Bridge made some great passes.  Ryan Daniell, Tommy Nye and Charles O’Connor did a great job holding Wilmington back.  Wilmington punted the ball for a Woburn return on the 41-yard line.  Kyle Chorlton tried vivaciously to gain yards as Wilmington kept pushing Woburn back.  Colin Butcher took the ball down the middle for 25-yards and fumbled the ball.  Woburn again took the ball with help from Scotty Peary.  Great blocking by Tommy Nye and Ryan Getherall help Nelson Claude make a 23-yard touch down run.  Jake Bridge ran the ball for the extra point. 

At the 2-minute warning Andrew Nicholas stopped Wilmington at the 45-yard line.  Wilmington, desperate attempted a sneaky double pass yet was no match for Colin Butcher. 

The game was far from boring ending with a Woburn win of 21-8.

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