23 Aug 2014
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Fast, Fresh Mexican Food at Chipotle

The Commerce Way eatery is a quick, tasty option for Mexican food lovers on the go.

Fast, Fresh Mexican Food at Chipotle Fast, Fresh Mexican Food at Chipotle Fast, Fresh Mexican Food at Chipotle Fast, Fresh Mexican Food at Chipotle

Overview: Customization is the name of the game at . This popular Mexican Grill chain is all about providing customers with the opportunity to build their own customized meal. Even with stiff competition from and Qdoba just down the street, Chipotle on Commerce Way is still a hot spot for local professionals and Woburnites alike. Perhaps one of the keys to Chipotle's success is their consistency in providing fast and friendly service and building burritos, tacos, quesadillas and salad with high quality and fresh ingredients.

Decor: The decor of the Chipotle chain stays pretty consistent throughout all the locations. The Woburn location is a stand-alone building which was designed and certified as a Platinum LEED restaurant, built to make the least environmental impact. The large windows let in a lot of light. The inside has a metal/wood design with booths, tables and stools.

Drinks: While some Chipotle's serve beer, the Woburn location does not. However, they do have a variety of bottled fruit juices and water as well as sodas with unlimited refills. We highly recommend getting the freshly brewed ice tea and adding some lemon wedges to your drink from the condiment bar.

Entrees: The fun part of Chipotle is customizing your own meal. You start off with your meat options: chicken, steak, barbacoa (shredded slow-cooked beef) or carnitas (pork). Or you can go vegetarian with their fajita-style peppers and onions. These options are the base of your burrito, burrito bowl, taco or salad. The fillings are the best part and you can get everything from cilantro-lime rice, black or pinto beans, fresh tomato or corn salsas, guacamole, sour cream, cheese, lettuce, etc. We recommend ordering a bag of their freshly made lime-salt tortilla chips perhaps with an extra order of salsa or guacamole on the side.

Service: You can eat-in or take-out. Start at the beginning of the counter and order your way down through all the meat/vegetable and filling options and order your drink and sides and pay at the end. The process is really quick so make sure you know what you want before you get in line.

Trivia: Did you notice that the silver foil wrapping is now gold? The gold represents Chipotle's commitment to what they call "Food with Integrity". The company uses naturally raised meats as well as organic ingredients. The gold wrapper is also how Chipotle is celebrating their 18th anniversary.

Chipotle Mexican Grill

112 Commerce Way

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