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How Do Schools Handle Students' Medication?

As we prepare for school to start on Thursday, Woburn Patch looks at the public schools' prescription drug policy.

How Do Schools Handle Students' Medication?


As students prepare to go back to school this week in Woburn, we offer parents a lesson on what to do with their children's medication.

Although officials would prefer that medication be given to children outside of school hours, the city adheres to the state Department of Public Health policy for instances when medication must be dispensed during school, said lead nurse Marcia Skeffington.

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Here's what you need to know:

  • Medication orders must be from your child's doctor, and include a signed consent form from a parent or guardian. Email orders are not accepted.
  • Faxed orders must come directly from your child's doctor.
  • Medication orders must be renewed every school year.
  • An adult must deliver the medication in "the original pharmacy or manufacturer-labeled container" to the school. Pharmacists are used to this, just ask them for separate bottles for school and home. Also, ask your pharmacist to label any Epi-pens or asthma inhalers your child may need during school hours. 
  • Woburn Public Schools can only hold a 30-day supply of your child's medication.
  • Any medication left at the end of the year is discarded.

One last important note, Woburn school nurses and teachers are not responsible for applying sunscreen, insect repellant or other topical products. Those are for parents to apply before school.

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