23 Aug 2014
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Pop Warner E2 Trojans Are 'Magnificent'

Team blanks Lawrence.

Pop Warner E2 Trojans Are 'Magnificent'


The following text was provided by Woburn Pop Warner:

It was a rainy day for the Woburn Irish American E2 Trojans who took on Lawrence. But the boys were ready to play some ball and redeem themselves from last weeks loss.

The defense started the game off consisting of Aidan O'Connor, Jayden Connors, Jackson Young, Leyland Stack, Dennis Gouveia, Benjamin Dubrovskiy, Jayden Whitmer, William Connors, Michael Connors, Chase Flaherty, Paul Lussiano, and Zachary Roderick. The defense made some great stops  and stopped Lawrence quickly and  forcing them to give the ball to Woburn.

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It was time for the offense to take the field and get some points on the board. Offense consisting of Dennis Gouveia, Liam Nasr, Sean Lafferty, Bobby Lafferty, Symon Sathler, Steven (Biggs) Danizio, Devin O'Connor, Dylan Galex, James Breeden, Zachary Roderick, Paul Lussiano, Chase Flaherty, Sean Venzia, Gary Silva, Ryan Fisher and the starting quarterback Patrick Malloy. They started things off well with a 40 yard touchdown run by Bobby Laffertyand the extra point by Patrick Malloy.

The defense went back out there and was very impressive and holding the Lawrence team to no points, along with big stops by Gary Silva and Symon Sathler. And it wouldnt stop there....Bobby Lafferty again scoring a touchdown for the E2 Trojans giving us a score of 13-0 at the half.

Going into the second half of the game with a change of quarterbacks to Steven (Biggs) Danizio with a pass off to Zachary Roderick to score his first touchdown of the season, making the score 19-0. Other plays were made by Devin O'Connor with his impressive 3 Fumble recoveries for the E2 Team. And big run plays by Bobby Lafferty and Liam Nasr giving this an overall magnificent win for the WhooWee E2 Squad!

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