Jul 30, 2014

Brown Says It's Time to Recharge

Scott Browm, the former US Senator from Wrentham, says he is taking a break and spending time with his family in an exclusive FOX-25 interview.

Brown Says It's Time to Recharge


Scott Brown says he is recharging his batteries in a FOX-25 exclusive interview, aired Monday night. Part two of the interview will be airing tonight.

After losing his US Senate seat to Elizabeth Warren in November, Brown decided not to run in the April special to fill the seat left by John Kerry's appointment as secretary of state. In the interview, Brown said it was too many elections in too short at time. He's, however, not commenting any future plans he has in politics.

Instead, Brown says he is learning to play the guitar and learning to speak Spanish in between his work as a commentor on FOX News.

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