Jul 26, 2014

New Wrentham Superintendent Settling In for the First Day of School

New Wrentham Superintendent Settling In for the First Day of School
Dr. Christopher Martes, newly appointed interim superintendent of Wrentham’s public schools, said he’s finding his way in August before he faces his first day of school in the district.

“One of the first things you do as a new superintendent is meet as many people as you can in the first month or so,” he said.

And Martes said he’s been doing just that, meeting with town administrator William Ketcham, Roderick principal Stephen Grenham, Delaney prinicipal Melissa Peterson, the custodial staff, the entire school committee (individually) and the Teachers Association.

“As someone new to the town and the district you want to meet as many people as possible,” Martes said. “The biggest part of the summer is cleaning the buildings and getting things ready for the first day of school.”

Martes replaced leaving superintendent Jeffrey Marsden, who was selected as Medfield’s new superintendent of schools. Martes will help the district transition to a permanent position.

Martes said Wrentham is very different from what he’s worked with before, as he’s not had experience in a regional school district.

“I did mostly K-12 districts,” he said. “I worked with regional school districts as head of the Superintendents Association but it’s not the direct experience like now.”

Martes added he will be working to continue Marsden’s work with the towns of Plainville and Norfolk to make sure they are matching their curriculum before heading to King Philip.

“That’s part of the new work I’m doing, making sure we’re collaborating and try to make certain the kids have a common experience before they go to the seventh grade. We’ve also been working with King Philip and how they structure.”

Martes said although it’s a new superintendent, he knows a good deal of the district since he and Marsden were friends and traded ideas when they were working alongside each other in the Medfield district. Martes has worked in Medfield, Norton and Foxborough.

“The people here have been a pleasure and are very dedicated to the town,” Martes said. “The School Committee is terrific. I think they’re going to attract a good candidate pool for the permanent superintendent. A good school committee attracts good candidates, and it makes it a lot easier. Everyone seems to work together here I knew Jeff [Marsden] very well and he’d always share the good things happening in Wrentham.”

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