Jul 30, 2014

Wrentham Improves School Security

New security measures implemented in the Wrentham district.

Wrentham Improves School Security


The Wrentham School District has been improving security measures in many of the schools.

Superintendent Jeffrey Marsden said that panic buttons have been installed in the Delany and Roberts schools, as well as concave mirrors at the office entrances to allow staff to see who’s coming through the doors.

Marsden added that they are still working on getting bids to change the construction of the Delaney School so that all visitors must go through the office before going into the school.

The schools also performed a lockdown drill recently and Marsden said it went very well.

“Even the police officers were amazed,” he said. “Every classroom, you could not see a kid or a teacher in there. We walked around the entire district.”

School committee chair Edward Goddard said that the police department also performed very well during the drill.

“A lot of kudos to the teachers, who did a great job but also to the police department who take it so seriously,” he said. “

“Couple of small areas of improvement but that’s why we do these things.”

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