Jul 25, 2014
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Huntington Woods Passes Fireworks Ordinance

The new rule bans personal fireworks use on all days except those protected by a new state law.

Huntington Woods Passes Fireworks Ordinance

Huntington Woods adopted a new fireworks ordinance and amended another Tuesday night in response to a state law that has resulted in complaints from residents.

Huntington Woods' new ordinance, which is modeled on those passed in nearby cities including Oak Park and Ferndale, bans the personal use of fireworks on all days except those protected by the new state law. The amendment updates Section 24-329 of city code, which regulates which fireworks may be possessed and used, to reference the new state law instead of the Michigan Penal Code that has been repealed.

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"We had a considerable number of complaints from the public," in response to the new law, City Manager Alex Allie said Tuesday night during a City Commission meeting at .

to sell bottle rockets, Roman candles and other flying devices to consumers. Legislators passed the change, which Gov. Rick Snyder signed last Dec. 13, to generate sales tax revenue and registration fees.

Cities and townships can’t block sales, and have limited power to restrict where and when individuals can light mini-explosives. The new law bars municipalities from regulating fireworks use on federal holidays or the day right before and after.

Lt. Ron Livingston said the state law only permits personal fireworks use on private property. So school grounds, streets, sidewalks and city ball fields are off limits, he said.

"Just make sure there's serious adult supervision and use common sense," Livingston urged.

Patch freelancer Alan Stamm contributed to this report.

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