Jul 28, 2014

What's the Best Place for a Man's Haircut?

Do you prefer a barber shop? Post a review and tell us about it.

What's the Best Place for a Man's Haircut?

So far, we've asked you about ,  and  (and learned about some hidden gems that we never would have thought to visit). Today the topic is barber shops.

Visit Berkley Patch Places to learn about local barber shops and other men's haircut shops and write reviews. Do you have a favorite barber or stylist? Do you go for the bonus neck shave or hair wash?

Tell us, Berkley and Huntington Woods, what's the best barber shop in the area? Let us know what you think by clicking through to the profile pages of these businesses and leaving your comments:

Tell us, gentlemen, which is the best barber shop in the area?

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