23 Aug 2014
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Lung Cancer Group to Hold 5K in Birmingham This May

The LUNGevity Foundation will hold its annual 5K in and around Booth Park this spring.

Lung Cancer Group to Hold 5K in Birmingham This May

Birmingham residents will have the chance to take some strides against lung cancer this spring, with the LUNGevity Foundation scheduled to hold their annual 5K race and walk, Breathe Deep Michigan, in and around Booth Park.

The event will take place 9 a.m.-noon on May 12 with proceeds going toward the LUNGevity Foundation, which funds research for and spreads awareness about lung cancer. In total, the group is looking to raise $20,000 at the Birmingham walk.

The Birmingham City Commission approved the group's plans at its Feb. 13 meeting.

The LUNGevity Foundation is based in Chicago, but according to event organizer Katie Avesian, the foundation's founding members are from West Bloomfield and the movement has a strong presence throughout Metro Detroit. Previous Breathe Deep walks have been held in 2008-10 in West Bloomfield.

The walk will kick off from Booth Park following a short presentation. The race route will be:

  • Starting at Booth Park, head west on Harmon Street
  • North on Greenwood, to Oak
  • West on Oak, to Lakeside
  • North on Lakeside, to Redding
  • West on Redding, to Chesterfield
  • South on Chesterfield, to Pine
  • East on Pine, to Lakepark
  • North on Lakepark, to Oak
  • East on Oak, to Lakeview
  • South on Lakeview, to Harmon
  • East on Harmon, all the way to the finish line at Booth Park

Races can also continue on with a 10K by heading east on Harmon, back to Greenwood. Event organizers said the race entry fee has not yet been determined.

To volunteer for the Breathe Deep walk, email events@lungevity.org or call 312-464-0716.

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