23 Aug 2014
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Where Do I Vote During the Nov. 6 Election?

So you're want to vote in Tuesday's general election, but where should you go? Here's a breakdown of Birmingham's precincts.

The general election is Tuesday, but where do you go when it comes to casting to your vote? Your city-issued voter identification card indicates your precinct location for all elections, including state and national elections.

The following are polling sites for all elections, including Tuesday's elections:

  • Precinct 1:Holy Name School
  • Precinct 2:Derby Middle School
  • Precinct 3:Derby Middle School
  • Precinct 4:First Presbyterian Church
  • Precinct 5:Birmingham Area Seniors Center and Midvale School
  • Precinct 6:City Hall
  • Precinct 7:Pierce Elementary
  • Precinct 8:Adams Fire Station
  • Precinct 9:Birmingham Ice Sports Arena

Still undecided, especially on the local or statewide issues? No problem. Catch up on the issues and all the candidates on the ballot by visiting Birmingham's 2012 General Election Guide.

Can't wait for results? Make sure you stick with Birmingham Patch all day Tuesday as report live from various polling stations around town, and then bring you results from all races as they come in. If you hear of anything happening around town, make sure you email Editor Laura Houser at Laura.Houser@patch.com.

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